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Home Learning!

Here are some ideas to have a go at this week, Year 2!

Literacy-Can you write a diary entry of what you think you will do once this lock down is over? Think about what you will do, where you will go and who you will see. How do you think you will feel? Do you think you’ll be grateful for anything? I look forward to reading them.

Maths-Have a look at money. Can you recognise all the coins? What coins make up different totals? If you went to the shop to buy different items-can you work out how much change you will receive?

Reading-Can you find a poem to learn and recite? Could you add actions and expression? You could practice this and perform it for your family. Could you record this and send it to other family members to make them smile 🙂

Science-Have a look at the different objects in your home-what are they made from? Why do you think they are made from this material and not another one? What are the material’s properties?

Remember any home learning that you have been doing, you can send in to our school office 🙂

See you soon Year 2

Mrs Haynes


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