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Home Learning: Week commencing 27.4.20

Numeracy-Can you add and subtract 2 two digit numbers? We focused on this quigte a lot in class and looked at the methods whilst we did our 5 a day. Can you remember which methods to use? Choose 2 two digit numbers (or you could ask an adult to write you some out) and have a go at adding and subtracting them.

Literacy-Can you plan and write a story that begins with the opener ‘I was walking along when suddenly I fell down a hole…a big, dark hole!’ Remember to engage the reader and think about your beginning, middle and end. I can’t wait to read them.

Science-While you are out and about, have a look at all the living things around you. Can you see any new life? Choose a living thing and create a life cycle for it. You can present this in anyway you like.

Reading-Choose a book to read and answer these questions…What is the book about? Who are the characters? What was the problem in the story? How was it resolved? How was the main character feeling throughout the story? Why is this?

Hope you are all safe and well Year 2.

See you soon,

Mrs Haynes


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