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Good Morning Year 2

I hope you have all had a good weekend. Here is some home learning ideas for this week:


Can you write a newspaper report all about the change in everyday life in the last 6 weeks?You could do some role play and interview your family members to see how it has affected them and how they feel about it all. When you write up your report-remember to use your features: Title, heading, photo, caption, 5 W’s, more information. Can you think of a headline that will make your reader want to read your report?


Think about 2D and 3D shapes. Can you recognise any in your environment? When you spot them can you draw them and describe their properties? Could your adult give you clues for you to guess the shapes?


Whilst reading your favourite reading book, can you identify the adjectives? Make a list of these and then have a go at writing them in your own sentences.


What can you find out about Dunlop, Mackintosh and MacAdam and the materials they developed? Present this in any way you like. 

Don’t forget to send your learning into the school office 🙂

See you soon,

Mrs Haynes


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