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Good morning Year 2!

I hope you have had a lovely weekend in the sunshine. I celebrated my birthday on Saturday and it was lovely in the sunshine.

Your photograph collage has made me smile this morning. Hopefully not much longer until we can be back in class.

This weeks home learning:


Let’s look at time. Can you recall how many seconds in a minute/minutes in a hour/days in a week/ months in a year/ hours in a day etc.

Can you tell the time at different parts of the day. Could you write sentences to show what you do at different times of the day?


What is a super hero? Can you write about a super hero and tell me all about them? It could be someone who you know, someone famous or it could be a imaginary character. You could research them and draw them. Tell me why they are a super hero and what they do.


This week can you focus on expression? When you are reading can you change your voice to suit the characters?


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